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Campaigns Space Race


Several thousand years ago, the Kerbese invented solid fuel rockets for their firework displays. Later, the Kermanss invented the K2 rocket during the Second Global War (which was fought over a schoolyard disagreement that somehow escalated into a violent, destructive war) capable of launching a relatively unguided ballistic missile to Allied territory, causing mass destruction. Two decades prior, Robert Kerman invented the liquid fueled rocket. Help each group maintain their progress toward the goal of a liquid fueled two stage rocket capable of reaching 70,000m, the beginning of space.

This campaign is designed to present you with a mission manifest that will allow you to accomplish the final goal of reliably launching an unmanned rocket on a controlled suborbital trajectory of your choosing.

Характеристики кампании

  • Длительность: 1-2 часа
  • Сложность: 1/10 (Начинающий)
  • Наличие навыков:
  1. Вертикальная сборка ракет (см. Basic Rocket Design)
  2. Знакомство с навболлом
  • Версия игры: Любая (проверено на версиях от 0.21.276 до 1.0.1)

Рекомендуемые модификации

  • Sounding Rockets - Данная модификация включает в себя новые части, которые могут быть использованы для достижения ранних целей и позволяют сотворить свой аналог V-2 (Фау-2).


Solid Fuel Rocketry

  1. Unmanned (all rockets in this mission are unmanned)
  2. Rocket must contain: 1 RT-10 Booster
  • Launch Two-Stage Solid Fuel Rocket
  1. Rocket must contain: parachute, 2 solid fuel booster stages, electricity storage
  2. Final stage must be successfully retrieved with parachute system
(Tip: To retrieve a craft, move the cursor to the center of the top of the screen. This can only be done after landing or splashing down.)

Liquid Fuel Rocketry

  • Launch LVT-30 Liquid Fuel Rocket Eastwards
  1. Rocket must contain: parachute, 1 LVT-30 rocket stage
  2. Land that thing in the ocean lest you worry the 'Kerbiets'
  1. Rocket must contain: parachute, 1 LV-T30 engine, stack decoupler, 1 Terrier engine or smaller, heat shield if applicable
  2. Enjoy the music once you reach 70km
(Note: You do not need to establish an orbit - save that challenge for the Space Race campaign)

K2 Rocket

Those pesky Kermans...

  1. Missile must contain: 1 solid fuel booster stage, liquid fuel rocket stage, control winglets, no parachute
  2. Choose a pre-selected island
  3. Go above 70km
  4. Impact within visible range of the island.
(Tip: The blue line indicating your trajectory does not account for atmospheric drag, so aim accordingly or use a mod)


After your two-stage liquid fuel rocket is past 70km, you're well on your way to becoming the next Robert Kerman and igniting the Space Race.


  • Installing a mod that shows the landing site adjusting for air resistance and planet rotation, like Trajectories, will aid in the "K2 Rocket" step.