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EVA construction mode is a new feature in 1.11 that allows engineers to move parts on and between active craft, or place parts from inside inventories onto active craft, or create new small probes from inventory parts. This allows for cannibalizing parts from craft, or repairing issues such as insufficient power, battery storage, or communication links. There will also be contracts available for repairs.

Your kerbal engineer has a limited manipulation range of about 10 meters. Inventory containers within this range will show up on the left side of your screen while in EVA Construction mode.

The gravity of the current planet determines how heavy an item an engineer can manipulate. For example on Moho an engineer cannot place an Oscar tank. On Kerbin, even an OKTO is too much weight. As of version 1.11.1, additional kerbals outside during an EVA allow engineers to manipulate heavier items.

- Does kerbal class affect this? Pilot/Engineer/Scientist? Are there diminishing returns?
- What is the equation for maximum mass an engineer can manipulate before they need help?

Watch out for unintended forces during construction/movement/rotation. Placing a part may cause a physics kick. Always quicksave.

Controls in EVA construction mode

To enter EVA Construction Mode, click on the hook icon on the right icon group during EVA. How to do symmetry? How to rotate parts so they can properly snap together? Your jetpack will function as long as you are not holding a part. Once you are holding a part you cannot use your jetpack controls. If you need to move a part a long distance, you can inch the part along a structure or start moving towards the destination, grab the part, and hold onto it until close enough to the destination.


- Place ladders on vehicles & space stations. Engineers can grab on to the ladder to do their work instead of drifting through space. - It's easier to move inventory items while in control of a craft, vs trying to do it externally with a kerbal.