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Expansion should be used to indicate which expansion of Kerbal Space Program must be enabled to use the described content.


This infobox may be added by copy-pasting the template as shown below at the beginning of a section.


Substitute the value for X.


Parameter Explanation Default Status
1 To specify which expansion must be enabled empty required
2 To specify a second expansion which can be enabled instead of the first empty optional
small as of {{Ambox}} left optional


The above parameters can have the following values:

Parameter Values Explanation
1, 2 mh Making History must be installed
bg Breaking Ground must be installed
small yes for sections (default)
no for articles

Updating this template

You shouldn't have to.


  • For articles (top of the page) use the following:


To be displayed as:

  • For sections use the following:


To be displayed as:

  • For content that is available from several expansions use the following:


To be displayed as: