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GameScenes is an enum that is used to identify the various scenes in the game.


The following is a list of fields in GameScenes.

Signature Description
GameScenes LOADING  ?
GameScenes MAINMENU The main KSP menu, showing Start Game, Training, Settings etc.
GameScenes SETTINGS The settings screen accessed from the main menu.
GameScenes CREDITS The KSP main credits, accessed from the main menu.
GameScenes SPACECENTER The Kerbal Space Center (KSC) scene.
GameScenes EDITOR The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) scene. Before the SPH was added, it was the only vessel editor in the game.
GameScenes FLIGHT The main game flight scene, where vessels are launched and flown.
GameScenes TRACKSTATION The Tracking Station scene.
GameScenes SPH The Space Plane Hangar (SPH) scene.
GameScenes PSYSTEM  ?