Campaign: The Joolians

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After the intense excitement when the first kerbal went into extrasolar space, Kerbals have begun ignoring space. Public relations has been pressing KSC to do a Flashy mission to keep Kerbals interested, and although it got the scientists hearts racing, a soil examination survey of Moho did not satisfy this requirement. Apparently the general public only cares about Kerbals in space, not probes, and thus the Jool program was born. its ultimate goal is to land a exploration team of kerbals on all the moons of Jool.


  • Length: 4-6 hours
  • Difficulty: 7-10 (Advanced)
  • Skills
  1. Expert Navigation via Maneuvering Nodes
  2. Advanced Orbiting
  3. Expert Vessel Design
  4. Expert understanding of interplanetary launch windows (phase angles)
  5. Expert understanding of landers.
  • Version: Every Version


Dres I


  • Construct a Massive ship in Kerbin Orbit.
  • After Dres I, Intrepid must be able to refuel in Kerbal Orbit.
  • Ship must contain
  1. Power (self sufficient)
  2. Nuclear or Ion Engines
  3. Habitation for 30 Kerbals
  4. At least one Science Bay
  5. A command section
  6. Numerous Docking ports
  7. A probe Bay (for holding probes)
  8. A communication tower (A branch coming of Intrepid covered in communication Equipment
  9. Enough fuel to carry a 200 ton payload to Jool, and then to get back. (may use multiple Stages)
  • It is Recommended that you test Intrepid unmanned

(Feel free to post a screenshot of whatever ship you build)

Peregrine I

  • Construct a small Lander Capable of Landing Kerbals on Dres
  • Lander must Include
  1. Power (self Sufficient)
  2. a Detachable Rover
  3. Drills
  4. Sample storage (Ore tanks)
  5. At least 3 scientific Instruments
  6. Communication
  • Dock Lander with Intrepid

Mission Outline

  • Send Intrepid to Dres with docked lander attached
  • Land Peregrine I
  • Return Kerbals Safely
  • Carry at least 5 Kerbals

Jool I


  • Construct a lander which can exit Tylo orbit, land and return to Orbit.
  • Lander must contain
  1. A self sufficient rover, which can drive unmanned and with passenger(s)
  2. Space for 1 Kerbal minimum (2-3 Recommended)
  3. Power (solar panels or Nuclear Reactors)
  4. at least 4 scientific instruments
  5. A Communotron 88-88
  6. Docking port to rendezvous with Intrepid after Tylo Landing
  • Launch and Attach to Intrepid


  • build a lander/plane which can land on Laythe and Return to Orbit

(If Kite is an reusable SSTO you may reuse it on Laythe)

  • Lander/Plane must contain
  1. Power (self Sufficient)
  2. At least 4 Scientific Instruments
  3. Ability to land and take off in water and on land.
  4. Docking port to rendezvous with Intrepid
  5. Communication
  • Launch and secure it to Intrepid


  • Construct a lander capable of landing on Vall, Bop, and Pol and returning to orbit.

(If Kite, or Osprey is a reusable SSTO it can be used in place of Hawk)

  • Lander must be able to land on Vall and return to orbit in one stage. (mining and refueling on surface is allowed
  • Lander must include
  1. Power (self sufficient)
  2. Drills
  3. sample storage (Ore Tank)
  4. At least 4 Scientific Instruments
  5. Communication
  6. (recommended it carries a Rover)
  • secure Hawk to Intrepid.

Mission outline

  • To complete Mission, Send Intrepid to Jool carrying at least 8 Kerbals.
  • Land at least one Kerbal on each Moon.
  • Return all Kerbals safely to Kerbin

Tylo I


  • Construct a Rover and a "sky crane" stage to transport the rover to the surface.
  • The Rover Should contain
  1. Power (self suffiecent)
  2. Capasity for 10 kerbals
  3. mining equipment
  4. Communication
  5. scientific instrumentation
  6. a small scout rover
  7. a Cupola module
  • The "sky crane" must be able to land the rover on Tylo and then fly away to destroy itslef nearby

Mission Outline

  • Another module of Kite (or the same one) is the only other equipment neaded
  • Land Kerbals on Tylo using Kite
  • Land Vulture Nearby
  • Transfer Kerbals into Vulture
  • Drive around Tylo
  • Then return Kerbals to Intrepid with Kite
  • All Kerbals must get home safe.

Laythe I


  • Construct a Jet powered Boat.
  • Boat must Contain
  1. Power (self Suffiecient)
  2. 10 kerbal capasity
  3. A cupola Module
  4. A smaller scout boat attached
  5. All scientific instruments.
  6. Communication


  • Construct a Jet Aircraft, capable of taking off from Water and Land
  • Plane must contain
  1. 2 kerbal capasity
  2. at least 3 scientific instruments
  3. Communication

(This Mission becomes more intresting if you add other ships to it, example: a Submarine, a Rover, a jetski)

Mission Outline

  • Launch Pheonix, Owl and Osprey up to Intrepid
  • send Intrepid to Laythe
  • Land Owl using parachutes
  • Fly down using Pheonix.
  • Land remaining Kerbals using Osprey
  • Explore Laythe with Owl (Optional)
  • Return Kerbals to Intrepid with Osprey
  • Return Kerbals to Kerbin safley