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Give historical context and significance for this campaign. Use real-life missions as inspiration, replacing the first letter(s) of missions, astronaut last names, and other program names with "K" or "Kerb" (Apollo -> Kerbollo, Neil Armstrong -> Neil Kerbstrong, Soviet -> Kerbiet) and Roman gods with KSP planet names (Mercury Program -> Moho Program).

State the goal and major skills developed in this mission. State the real-life names of missions that this campaign is based on.


  • Length: # - # hours [proficient vs. learning through the campaigns]
  • Difficulty: #/10 ([Name of rating])
  • Skills needed:
    • Basic / Intermediate / Advanced [Name of skill]
    • More skills
  • For version: Every version? Or after a certain version? (tested on # - #)

Recommended mods

  • [link] - Details about what the mod includes


Name of Program or Phase

Basic description of the Named mission.

  • Design requirements or mission considerations (ex. "Land a Kerbal on Mun, then send a manned rescue party to return him/her to Kerbin safely).
  • Rocket must contain: # small / med / large [ short part name with link ]
  1. Mission requirements.
  2. Step-by-step instructions with appropriate detail. For example, include instructions for docking in Gemini missions but not for the International Space Station.
  3. Link to any new terminology or new places.
  4. No need to link that term later on.
  5. Display values with appropriate and consistent terms (periapsis) with reasonable values, units and precision (25 m, > 100 km, 21 863.3 ± 5 km, 4.2 - 6.3 Gm).
  6. Be concise and avoid using repetitive structure. For example: "The ship must contain 2 solar panels; The ship must orbit Mun; The ship must land safely..." → "Include 2 solar panels,...; orbit Mun; land safely..."
  7. [Optional] Any optional steps or requirements
  • Post-mission requirements, like retrieval or instructions for future missions.
(Tip: Include tips for any new skills, things to consider or any helpful mods.)

Next mission here.

  • Design requirements
  1. Mission steps

Next Mission or phase

First mission of second phase.


Final Word

Summarize what you've accomplished in historical context. Transition into the motivation for the next campaign with link included.


  • [Optional] Any over-arching tips, mods or variations (ex. re-doing each Apollo-style mission for Minmus as well).