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Below is a short list of mods that are fully compatible with career mode and it's technology tree.

The list is not at all complete. Feel free to add new mods here. Just give a short description of the features and a general overview of how it integrates with the technology tree.


B9 Aerospace

An expanded collection of spaceplane parts. Many of the stock parts originated from this mod.

KW Rocketry Redux

A set of parts that mimic real-life rockets such as Saturn V. Larger parts become available further down the tree.


Those mods adds realism to the simulation, which can make gameplay more difficult.


An alternative communication network (which significantly pre-dates the built-in feature) which has additional features.

  • Commands sent to distant probes are realistically delayed based on the limitations imposed by the speed of light.

Navigation Tools


A complete set of autopilot tools which are unlocked progressively through the technology tree.

  • Attitude locking (prograde, retrograde, node direction, vessel direction, etc.).
  • DeltaV calculation both in the editing and in-flight.
  • Information panels (current orbit, relative surface position, target position, etc.).
  • Creation and execution of maneuver nodes.
  • Automatic launching, landing, rendezvous, and docking.

Science Gathering


Generates maps of celestial bodies, detects anomalies (easter eggs), surface slopes, and biomes. A map can be analyzed, which provides science points based on its coverage.