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There are so many Addons you can find in CurseForge, SpacePort or in some forums.

New Kerbalists are totally lost in this diversity. But some mods are really excellent, they fills the missing features or adds some completely new way of playing. Here is a very short list. The selected Mods are here because

  • They are acclaimed in forums.
  • They adds important features to the game.
  • They have been fully tested by the author that adds the link in this page.

Fell free to complete this list. Please Modders don't adds your own addon :), waits for a user to do it for you.

Ships Parts

Collection of new ship parts.


Those mods adds realism to the simulation making the gameplay harder than before.

  • RemoteTech (incompatible with 0.23.5) : Your probe won't react anymore when far from Kerbal.
    • You'll have to create a complete network of communication satellites to guide them in deep space.
    • Adds delay (because of light speed limitation) to the control of distant probes, making navigation really harder with distant planets
  • Ferram Aerospace Research : adds a wide greater realism to the atmospheric fly. It is then really harder to make your ship fly correcly.

Navigation tools

  • MechJeb : A complete autopilot tools
    • attitude pilots (Prograde, retrograde, node direction, vessel direction and so on)
    • Fine tune and execute nodes
    • Auto lander, docker, and lifter.
    • a complete calculator in the edit mode
    • gives various information for anything in the game (ships, orbit, target, planets.....)
  • Kerbal Alarm Clock : Adds alarms to various situation, stopping time warp.

Career Mode Compatibles

These modes are included in the career mode Tech tree.

  • MechJeb : Each part gives new automatic control of ships. First are just simple attitude modifiers, Then nodes fine editors and auto execute mode, to completes lift off, docking and landing procedures.
  • ScanSat Terrain Mapping : Creates Maps of celestial bodies, detects anomalies (easter eggs), surface slopes and Biomes. The map created from your satellites can be analyzed and then provide science points depending on your map coverage. The detected biomes helps landing your craft in an interesting point.
  • Kethane : One of the most incredible addon of Kerbal. Adds a brand new fueling system in the game. Kerthane can be detected and drilled from any planet. It allow then to create fuel bases in moons as start points for long range exploration.

Misc Tools

Must have tools

  • Toolbar : gathers some others addons features in a single toolbar. Many addons use this.
  • Crew Manifest : allows to transfer crew members between part of the ship. one of the most missing feature in current kerbal version.


  • HyperEdit : place your ship anywhere in space without the use of fuel. Useful for testing situations, but a real spoiler for the career mode.