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Agency logo from version 0.24

The Moving Parts Experts Group supplies all currently[outdated] available landing struts. Lately they also started producing hydraulic cylinders and hinges. Interestingly, the arrangement of the three gears in their logo would prevent the gears from being able to turn.

Agency description

The Moving Parts Experts Group started off as a mostly non-commercial initiative to bring some of the brightest minds together to create truly innovative and ground-breaking technologies for spacecraft construction. As is the case with many such enterprises, their initial investment funds very soon ran out and they were forced to start developing stuff that they could sell, quickly. As a result, the Group acquired a reputation for being always in a hurry, and always strapped for cash. They still try their best to stay true to their original motivations as much as possible though, and will always be willing to support any ventures that push the currently established boundaries.


It may be named after the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) which developed various audio and video codecs.