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KSP2 ep.5 screenshot showing Deb Deb system with visible planetary debris disk

Debdeb will be one of the two new star systems in KSP2. Debdeb is likely the name of the star. Debdeb will be the first star system to be added to the game after early access along with interstellar scale parts.


Deb-rise on Gurdamma

Debdeb is home to many planets and celestial bodies. They are (From innermost to outermost): Charr, Ovin, Gurdamma, Lapat, Axod, and Dorau.

Star and system characteristics

Debdeb appears to be a very young star, estimated to be only 5-50 Myr, and appears more orange than Kerbol. This means it could be a K type star, meaning it would be smaller than Kerbol. It is still young enough to have remnants of the planetary disk now condensed and formed into a planetary debris disk and inner and outer asteroid belts.

If Debdeb is modeled and heavily inspired by Alpha Centauri, it could be assumed that Debdeb is around 3-5 light years away.

The system moves in a circle style configuration with a radius of 0.3 units. The system is offset by -0.5 X axis and -2.5 Z axis units from Kerbol, making it the closest of the other star systems, and roughly analogous in position to Alpha Centauri.


Most information comes from this YouTube video → big thanks and credit to Astronomer for compiling this information. Definitely check out the video.