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Pre-alpha image showing Gurdamma and its rings.

Gurdamma is a young terrestrial planet resembling young Earth (and also possibly young Kerbin) during the Hadean Eon, residing in the Debdeb system. This planet will be released in the Interstellar Update in Kerbal Space Program 2. Gurdamma experiences bombardment from asteroids and it has some lava lakes scattered across the surface. It also has large lakes and oceans of water filled craters. Gurdamma will have a thick atmosphere and very short days. The planet has a ring and two moons, Donk and Gup.


Test asset image showing Gurdamma's surface, lakes, and shores.

Gurdamma has a light brown surface covered almost entirely by craters and steep mountains. A portion of Gurdamma's craters are filled with water, creating large seas. Gurdamma also has a few lava lakes which were formed by recent asteroid impacts.


Donk as seen from the surface of Gurdamma.

Gurdamma has a thick light blue atmosphere likely consisting of steam, carbon dioxide and nitrogen (considering it to be an early Earth analog). The atmosphere appears to be not as thick as Eve's, but thicker than Kerbin's, basing off the opaqueness of the atmosphere. Gurdamma's atmosphere will likely not be breathable.

Resemblance to Young Earth

Gurdamma is an analog for a young terrestrial world that one day might bear life, but for now it is a steamy world with a thick atmosphere, and a large close moon. Gurdamma also has a very short day, considering Kerbin's day is around 6 hours, and days on Hadean era were only 12 hours, so expect days on Gurdamma to be around 3 hours.

The story we're trying to tell with Gurdamma is that it's similar to Earth during the Hadean Eon, relatively shortly after the formation of the Moon. I was actually pretty surprised myself how close the Moon was immediately after its formation: 16 times larger in the sky than today, and just a whisker beyond the Roche limit! and Gurdamma has a very short day.''

Nate simpson


Pre-alpha gameplay showing Donk, Gurdamma's largest and closest moon.

Gurdamma has two moons, a large, close moon called Donk that orbits within the planet's rings, and a smaller more distant moon called Gup.


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