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Kerbol. This will look very small from Interstellar Space.
Interstellar space is a range of space outside of Kerbol's sphere of influence. Technically, this does not exist in the game as Kerbol's SOI is infinite. However, an escape velocity is present, and therefore a distance far enough away from the sun can be considered as such. Some mods add other stars; this page is about interstellar space in the stock game.


The Deep Space Kraken becomes increasingly active as one's distance from Kerbol increases. This means that as the craft ventures farther into interstellar space, it is more likely to be torn apart. At an altitude of 400 Tm (400 000 000 000 km), the game engine begins to behave erratically and unpredictably. One known event that takes place is that any change of time acceleration will result in an encounter with the Hell Kraken, followed by the game crashing. Another glitch is that the navball ceases to function. Instead of properly indicating the velocity vector, it randomly jumps around headings rendering itself useless. However, it is likely that one is currently time-warping when they reach the altitude, which means that they will be unable to control their ship. This could be due to the game detecting having left the Sun's SOI, giving it no point of reference. Also, solar panels cease to generate electric charge because of the astronomically small amount of light still hitting the panels. This does not stop the ship from being fully illuminated, caused by the way the game engine simulates light. After reaching an altitude of 2 terameters (2 000 000 000 km), the sprite for Kerbol stops shrinking.


The easiest way to reach interstellar space is to use the Debug Toolbar to allow infinite fuel, as the Δv required is immensely impractical. Another way one may choose to reach solar escape is with a Jool gravity assist. Prior to reaching escape velocity, the apoapsis will indicate T- 68 years, as this is the largest amount of time the game can handle due to the way it deals with numbers.

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