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Launch icon.png
The launch usually is the first step of the missions. To start the launch process, click on its green icon on top-right corner on the GUI of VAB/SPH. Then the craft moves form the VAB to the Launchpad or from the SPH to the Runway, and in case of career game the cost of the craft taken from the account. As a preventative step, for greater rockets use TT18-A Launch Stability Enhancers. They can protect your rocket from tumbling on the launchpad, and the craft's engines from being smashed by the weight of the rocket.

The another possibility of the launch is clicking on the Launchpad or the Runway on the KSC menu. If there is no craft on the installation, you can launch by choosing your craft from the saved craft, and clicking on green Launch icon. If the installation is occupied, you can choose from the next options:

  • Go to the Craft's_name on Launchpad/Runway
  • Clear the Launchpad/Runway and proceed (Recover Craft's_name)
  • Abort launch - so, nothing happens...

You can abort the launch by pressing an Esc, and choosing the Space Center option (the craft remains on the installation, and you'll find yourself on KSC menu), or starting a recovery. In case of choosing recovery in a career game the cost of the craft returns to the account, and as always - the game takes the player back to the VAB/SPH.

If you finished the vacillation, launch your craft - activate the starting stage, press a space!