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So this one's definitely basic and self-explanatory. The only question I have for this one is regarding the 2-second static firing for the Solid Rocket Part 2. Is this just intended to teach players to use the launch stability devices? Should all rockets be static-fired for 2 seconds prior to launch? To my (limited) knowledge, I think releasing the launch clamps and simultaneously starting the engines works fine, so if there is an intended purpose of the 2-second static firing, it might be specified (or the requirement removed if there is no purpose). ~tacocritic (use ~~~~ to sign anything you post in "talk")

You are right, there is no real advantage to keeping the clamps attached initially, since all* the engines reach max thrust instantly. *Holding the clamps is actually very useful for rockets using jet engine boosters. You can go through and remove the references. SGCam (talk) 07:23, 11 August 2014 (CDT)