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Should it be kept?

I'm not sure if stuff like this should be added. It is more like a concept and then of only one developer 3 and a half months ago. But still we could link to it and gather all information we found about that object here. It is also possible to fix the links to this planet as soon as it's officially added by using the “What links here” feature. — xZise [talk] 15:36, 25 September 2013 (CDT)

Removed a trolling message

I removed a trolling message made by a user named Ricky. I'm not aware of any plans to add this planet in 0.24. The comment has lead to some consternation on the forums and without a citation or source it's clearly doing more harm than good. KasperVld [talk] 10:54 23-12-2013 (GMT)

I have a suggestion for the planet.

I don't think GP2 should be larger than Jool. In real life, Jupiter is larger than Saturn. However, I don't want it to be too small, so my suggestion is to the planet 5,000 km, which is 5/6 of Jool's size. Jcx (talk)

To answer to that, i think it still works because even though Earth is bigger than Venus, Eve is bigger than Kerbin. [5191]

Some hope if you want it added

I noticed in the KSP2 trailer near the end it showcases a colony (one of the new features of it) on a moon (presumably Eeloo) of a blue/white gas planet (presumably this one), it might not be in the Kerbol system however, in this case the moon couldn't be Eeloo). It might be possible that if the planet is in the Kerbol system it could be added to KSP avoid disparity between the two games' Kerbol system. [5191]

That is Glumo, not GP2. The place they are landing is Merbel. Ento da Lizzerd 11:45 MST 3/9/22