Gas planet 2

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Gas planet 2
Gas planet 2
Orbit Outside of Jool
Equatorial radius Estimated 9000 km
  • Four major moons
  • Multiple tiny moons
  • Rings
These information are from a concept and the information about the object may change.

NOTICE: This planet never will be implemented in the game, as 1.12 has been confirmed to be the last major update.

The gas planet 2 (abbreviated GP2) was a proposed planet outside the orbit of Jool. It was planned to make the current dwarf planet Eeloo the innermost of four major moons. Like its current sister planet, Jool, it was planned to have "At least 20" smaller moons orbiting it.[1] This gas planet would most likely have been the Kerbal counterpart of Saturn.


Gas planet 2 (no official name given) was a potential planet to be located outside Jool's orbit. It might have rings, as it's real life counterpart, Saturn, has them. In the prototype picture it shows that the planet has a mostly bluish hue.


Only the names of the four major moons are known. It is assumed that the list given is from the innermost to the outermost moon:

  • Eeloo: Planned to be moved to orbit the new planet. There would be geysers on it that could knock vessels away.
  • Daphy: A very small asteroid covered in "Fluff" that was collected from GP2's rings. It would be located within the rings themselves.
  • Potatus: Another small moon. It will have a high inclination relative to GP2. It will rotate extremely fast and be shaped like an oblate spheroid. It would have been white.
  • Fonso: Will be about 300KM across, and will be the second moon to hold an atmosphere, which will be two atmospheres dense. The extremely mountainous surface will have peaks that stretch into the vacuum.


  • Several mods exist to add GP2 or similar planets into the game.
    • Kerbol Origins and Kerbol Plus Remade both add light-blue ringed gas giants as the second Gas Planet in the system. Kerbol Origins has some moons which are based on the original ideas.
    • The popular Outer Planets Mod has two objects which can be considered "GP2"
      • Sarnus, the actual second Gas Giant in the system, has had Eeloo moved to orbit it, and it has rings. It also has a couple of ring-fluff moons: Hale and Ovok.
      • Urlum, the third giant planet and first Ice Giant in the system, uses a texture that has been inspired by the one released picture of GP2. It also has (very thin) rings and several moons.
    • The very first planet mod, Planet Factory (now known as Sentar Expansion) had some GP2-like features:
      • A deep blue gas giant with rings called Sentar.
      • A celestial body that rotates extremely fast (faster than orbital velocity, in fact) called Inaccessible.
      • An atmospheric planet with a mountain that reaches out into space, called Skelton.
  • In a later post about redesigning the solar system [2], NovaSilisko did not mention a second gas giant, only a hyperterran called Mez. This would have rotated at a very high velocity and have been lens shaped. The planet seems to be based on Mesklin from Hal Clement's A Mission of Gravity.
    • Several of the changes to the solar system suggested by NovaSilisko have been made in-game in the mod Revamped Stock Solar System.
  • GP2's bluish tint implies that it may have been an ice giant planet, rather than a jovian planet.

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