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though such maneuvers do not save very much fuel and are more imprecise. It is, however, useful for plane changes with proper timing.

There are anomalous geological formations that can be found on the surface of the Mun. To preserve the enjoyment of exploration for new players, those who have found these sites are encouraged to keep their exact coordinates secret.

Munの同期軌道は高度2 970.56 kmにあるが、すでに重力圏外なため維持することは不可能である。However, putting your spacecraft just outside Mun's SOI and having the same semi-major axis would make it appear stationary. 標準的な高度25 kmまで上昇するには800 m/sのdelta Vが必要である。なお準同期軌道は高度約1797.41kmである。

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