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Creates a link which automatically links to the article in the same language. Requires one parameter to the link target. Optionally it allows another link text in the same languages supported by {{lang}}.

{{if lang link|Main Page}} would create a link to the Main Page if on an English page and to Main Page/ru if on an Russian page.


#/Name Optional Description Default
1 No Target's pagename. If not set will use {{{en}}}.
2 or en Yes Visible link text. {{{1}}}
de , pl or Yes Visible link text in other languages. Not set
force Yes Forced language target. Usually not required, but can be used to test what that template would show in a different language. Not set


Code View
English German Russian
{{if lang link|Mk16 Parachute|ru=Парашют Mk16}} Mk16 Parachute Mk16 Parachute Парашют Mk16
{{if lang link|Kerbol|en=Sun|de=Sonne|ru=Солнце}} Sun Sonne Солнце
{{if lang link|Kerbol|en=Sun|de=Sonne|ru=Солнце|force=de}} Sonne Sonne Sonne