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This template calculates the altitude of an orbit, given the mass of the planet, the planet's radius and the period of the orbit. The altitude will be calculated by {{OrbitAltitude/Core}} and then parsed with {{Formatnum}} and adding a unit.


#/Name Optional Description Default
period or 1 No Period of the orbit in seconds
mass or 2 No Mass of central body in kilograms
radius or 3 Yes Radius of central body in meters 0
factor or f Yes Factor in which the altitude should be shown. Available values: None (m), k (km), M (Mm), G (Gm). If the radius was given kilometers it uses the factor k. None
body or b Yes Uses the sidereal rotation period, mass and radius as default from the given body. Can be overwritten. Not set (makes the first three parameters mandatory)
period factor or pf Yes Multiplies the period with this value. Useful to easily calculate semi-synchronous orbits (pf=1/2 then). 1


Usage Result
{{OrbitAltitude | period=64980 | mass=4.515e21 | radius=320000 | factor=k}}
2 862.36 km
{{OrbitAltitude | period=64980 | mass=4.515e21 | radius=320000}}
2 862 362.24 m