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Usage of mark template

User:NWM recently added the usage of their {{mark}} template would make it more consistent but I have a few problems with that. I tried to note them in my undo but the edit summary is simply not long enough.

Now I agree that {{mark}} should be used to keep it consistent but this template accepts as a parameter any unit which can be used instead of the word “unit” so there might be cases where this template is not intended to show a fuel can. I don't have really a solution for that except for identifying where it's used and have some proper replacement template which can be used instead and uses the different icons.

There is already a template which converts a resource shortcut (e.g. 'lf') into the appropriate icon named {{Infobox/Part/unit}}. Based on that I think we should be able to develop a useful replacement template or we could even use that template directly together with the <abbr> used here. We should then of course use a more public place (Template:Unit icon?). — xZise [talk] 18:40, 18 May 2015 (UTC)

So in general I think we should deprecate (and remove) this template or leave it as it is to support a textual version. — xZise [talk] 18:42, 18 May 2015 (UTC)