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This template visualizes marks used in the game (units, navigational directions, etc.), but not included by the ASCII or not obvious their code number. It is easy to use: {{mark|fund}} : Funds

Available marks

This list contains all available marks. The .svg and .png based marks don't scale by formatting as the normal fonts, but they have a larger version (like |fund and |fund-l). If you want to avoid breaking around them, for example at (Funds), use {{nowrap}} template!

The drag is dimensionless, the unit of size of data (and packets) is Mit!

Name Meaning Appearance
fund / fund-l Funds - the currency of Kerbals Funds / Funds
scp Science point - the unit of scientific value
pres Reputation point - the unit of social value
star Star
0star Level 0 Kerbal ☆☆☆☆☆
1star Level 1 Kerbal ★☆☆☆☆
2star Level 2 Kerbal ★★☆☆☆
3star Level 3 Kerbal ★★★☆☆
4star Level 4 Kerbal ★★★★☆
5star Level 5 Kerbal ★★★★★
flag Flag
crew / crew-l Crew - amount of Kerbals Crew / Crew
fuelu / fuel-l Unit of fuel: solid fuel, liquid fuel, oxidizer and monopropellant Units of fuel / Units of fuel
fuelflow Specially for fuel flowing, links to wiki (translate-able) Units of fuel/s
echu Unit of Electric charge
lgu / lgu-l Unit of liquid gas, like xenon gas Xenon unit / Xenon unit
airu / airu-l Unit of intake air Air unit / Air unit
levind / levind-l Level indicator Level / Level
prog / prog-l Prograde Prograde / Prograde
retg / retg-l Retrograde Retrograde / Retrograde
norm / norm-l Normal Normal / Normal
anorm / anorm-l Anti-normal Anti-normal / Anti-normal
radin / radin-l Radial-in Radial-in / Radial-in
radout / radout-l Radial-out Radial-out / Radial-out
tprog / tprog-l Target prograde Target prograde / Target prograde
tretg / tretg-l Target retrograde Target retrograde / Target retrograde
mprog / mprog-l Maneuver prograde Maneuver prograde / Maneuver prograde
ap / ap-l Apoapsis Apoapsis / Apoapsis
pe / pe-l Periapsis Periapsis / Periapsis
an / an-l Ascending node Ascending node / Ascending node
dn / dn-l Descending node Descending node / Descending node
eva / eva-l EVA report EVA report / EVA report
crep / crep-l Crew report Crew report / Crew report
sample / sample-l Surface sample Surface sample / Surface sample
therm / therm-l Temperature scan Temperature scan / Temperature scan
press / press-l Atmospheric pressure scan Atmospheric pressure scan / Atmospheric pressure scan
seismic / seismic-l Seismic scan Seismic scan / Seismic scan
grav / grav-l Gravity scan Gravity scan / Gravity scan
balloon / balloon-l Atmosphere analysis Atmosphere analysis / Atmosphere analysis
dish / dish-l Communications Communications / Communications
yes Yes (see also {{Yes}})
no No (see also {{No}})
dia Diameter
com Packet size of Antennae transmission 📶
drag Unit of drag (although the drag coefficient is unitless and drag itself is measured in Newton)