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ドッキングはversion 0.18で実装されました。これは別々に打ち上げられた機体を軌道上で合体させ、1つの構造物として機能させることができます。ドッキングは惑星間航行用の巨大給油ステーションなど一度の打ち上げでは不可能な規模の構造物を可能にしました。



  • 所要時間: 30~40分
  • 難易度:
  • 対応バージョン: 0.18以降




  • ドッキングポートが最低でも1基は装備している。
  • さらにもう1基ドッキングポートを備えると別のセクションをデイジーチェーン(数珠繋ぎ)でドッキングすることができます。
  • セクションを大きくしすぎない。最初の打ち上げで性能の限界を知る以外には、大きなセクションを一度に輸送する必要性はありません。

Tug Creation

Next you will need a small orbital tug to push your payload into position. This will mainly be liquid fuel and a small engine controlled by a command module.

A small amount of liquid fuel and an adequate sized engine should be used for the payload. Only a tiny amount is required as it will only have to cover a small distance to the target.

More importantly monopropellant and RCS thrusters are necessary to fine tune the position and allow the docking ports to touch.

After constructing the craft, the center of mass indicator should be used to fine tune the RCS thrusters' positions. The thrusters should be placed symmetrically around the center of mass of the completed craft to allow linear movement without rotation while in space.

Orbital Alignment

There are four distinct stages to an orbital rendezvous:

  1. Achieving stable orbit
  2. Fine-tuning orbit sync and inclination to match target
  3. Matching target orbit
  4. Dock positioning and locking

Achieving stable orbit

This is covered in other tutorials and I refer you to them. It is however best to get as close to the target's orbit as possible, as it will save heart ache and fuel at a later stage.

Go Build Baby

Tada! Now you've read a full tutorial. Congratulations!