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About Me

I am a male twelve year old student named *Mumble Mumble*. For years I have been fascinated with robots, aliens, and, unbelievably, rockets! Don't let my age fool you though, as I am a perfectly capable human that does not wast away his/hers life on the couch, and shouting on their earpiece while gunning people down on their video game. When I get old enough, I hope to apply at M.I.T. as a student in aerospace engineering. So far, I have read many books, meddled in the art of setting things on fire with gasoline, launched many successful model rockets, have plans to build my first polyesterine powered engine, and have a poster in my bedroom showing the many rockets launched by the US, Soviets, French, Indian, and Japanese.

My Contributions

My purpose here on this wiki forum is to advance the knowledge known about the many Celestial Bodies, as well as make them seem interesting. My favorite Moon is the captured asteroid Pol. It is my "adopted" moon, as I contributed this page more than all the other pages combined.