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User:RoboJeb is a python-based bot that runs on top of the useful WikiTools framework. The system it uses to interpret wiki pages for page filters is borrowed from WindBOT on the Team Fortress Wiki.

As both WindBOT and WikiTools are both GPL, RoboJeb is also open-source.


RoboJeb runs on any of 3 different servers, but they all run Debian Linux. This tutorial assumes you are on Debian, and is therefore a bit different than WindBOT's tutorial.

  1. Ensure python is installed.
  2. If you intend on using it for crushing images, you'll need:
    • apt-get install libjpeg-progs pngcrush
  3. Install additional packages:
    • apt-get install python-feedparser
    • apt-get install p7zip
  4. Make a directory for your bot:
    mkdir ~/MyBot && cd ~/MyBot
  5. Install the python support scripts:
    wget ''
    p7zip -d wikitools*.7z
    cd wikitools
  6. Install the bot itself by copying and from here to your installation folder.
  7. Edit to suit your needs (you don't need the Steam API thing)
  8. Make executable so you can run it: chmod +x
  9. Run it!

Use on KSP Wiki

  • Before running any bots on the KSP wiki, please let N3X15 (talk) or UmbralRaptor know.
  • Add {{BlockBotButton|owner=~~~}} to the page so we can block it if it breaks, and contact you.
  • Ensure your bot has a Bot flag before running, or it'll fill the Recent Changes with stuff.