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Kerbal Space Program FAQ

Q. Where can I find Kerbal Space Program?

A. The main website can be found here. Available at the main website are the demo and full versions.

Q. Okay, so I have the demo version, what is different in the purchased game?

A. The demo is a freeware release of an older version of KSP (0.13) and as such is missing a lot of content that has been added since. The demo version gives you solid boosters, some liquid boosters, some assorted parts, Kerbin, Kerbol and the Mun. It lacks several features though, current notable ones are mod support, EVA, Minmus, the Spaceplane Hangar, multiple stock parts and more. Use the demo version to get an idea of what the game is like, but don't forget that the full game has so much more.

Q. Well, that sounds interesting, but not a full game yet. What features do they have planned to make it a full game?

A. Why don't I just give you the Planned Features list? As an example of what is coming soon, the big talk in threads at the moment is the additional planets coming with the new update.

Q. Fine, I got the full game, and now I want to launch something into orbit. How the hell do I do this?

A. Firstly, trial and error is the most fun way to get into orbit. Build a ship, crash, repeat until you figure it out. However, if you don't have the patience, or lack some fundamental knowledge, there are some tutorials ready made for you. If you are good with numbers, look here. If you prefer videos, look at this (it is for 0.15.2, but the fundamentals are the same, and the video is well presented/simple in its explanation).

Q. People keep on using controls that I don't know. Isn't there some sort of control list?

Look right here.

Q. Everyone is harping on about these things that I can't find in my game, like MechJeb, Satellites, different parts and so on. What cheat codes have they entered??

A. None at all, they have mods. You can find the mod forum here, although I would like to note that mods, especially all mods that require plugins, are not supported in the demo version. The really big one that almost everyone has is MechJeb, even if you are not a fan of mods the information given by this one is invaluable.

Q. I have a question that isn't listed here. What can I do?

A. Well, if the official forum doesn't have an answer, you can ask there, or in our thread. Also, you can check the more official (and shiny) main wiki FAQ. Asking in the thread is a fairly reliable way to get an answer though, if the other sources lack one. To the best of my knowledge there is at least one Australian, European and American active in the threads, so most of the time it shouldn't be too long a wait for an answer. Additionally, this FAQ will expand over time, so feel free to check back here at a later date, your question may have been added.

Q. Can I just have a bag of links? I don't like reading your walls of text.

A. Sure thing! I have attention problems too, I already forgot what you asked. Here, have some links to pass the time: