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Mobile Processing Lab MPL-LG-2

Hi there, again. Hope you don't mind me barging in after your edits on the lab... Would you mind confirming how you came to the conclusion that *all* of the data-to-science conversion rates were a factor of ten out?

Did you actually only test the rate with a 1 star scientist, by chance? Because after fairly careful testing myself (with one scientist of each level) I found that was the only number I agreed on with you. And seems like the whole system has been completely changed since the table was previously made... (Or something's gone *very* wrong for me a lot of times.) Have updated the table with what I've found, for now (and crossed my fingers).

ZeroGravitas (talk) 13:30, 22 March 2017 (UTC)

Hello ZG!, no problem at all. As you suspected, I only tested it with just one star scientists. I don't think there are users you can refer to as an authority regarding the info on the wiki; and by the way you are going and the quality of your edits, you will most probably fill that role. Much of the info is still outdated and lot of testing is still required. Regarding the MPL, I saw two things on your recent edits. One, the experiment results can only be remotely tranfered from a science part to the Experiment Container, but not to a command module, of any kind -I think. Second, the electricity and time needs for the Clean Experiment function seems to be bugged for me, as only the first run of it will take time and power, from there onwards, it's done in an instant and free. Perhaps you will find the same case in your testing runs