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Navball picture

You complained about the File:Navball.png not updating on your continuous revisions and updates. If the wiki says your upload went correctly, it did go correct! The problem lies with your browser: Browsers store image data (=cache) for some time so it doesn't have to continuously reload pictures that are in frequent use (e.g. when browsing the wiki). However, as an image revision such as happens on the wiki does not alter the filename (which is used for the internal cache reference), your browser does not know that the online image has been changed and should be reloaded, so it still presents the cached, old one. Most browsers offer a possibility to force-reload a page and its contents (usually Shift+F5 or Shift+Ctrl+F5). Others also allow to right-click the image and specifically say "Reload image" (i.e. Opera). This forces the browser to reload that specific content and you will see the correct image. Alternatively just continue your work/browsing/whatever. After a specific time the cache gets refreshed anyway. I hope that answers your question. -Senshi (talk) 10:37, 20 December 2012 (UTC)