List of bases on Kerbin

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Map of relay stations/bases around Kerbin as of 1.2.

This is a list of relay stations/bases on Kerbin that are currently in 1.11.0 Note: only the Kerbal Space Center is an operational base (without Making History) whilst the rest can only be visited.

Kerbal Space Center

The Kerbal Space Center illuminated at night.

The Kerbal Space Center is where everything is managed, from launching rockets to sacrificing kerbals to the Kraken. It's the only operational base on Kerbin that has destructible buildings that will require costs to fix. Players will launch from here and return home to Kerbin and will be greeted by the recovery screen with the movable map of the KSC in the background.

Island Airfield

The buildings in the central area of the airfield.

Island Airfield is an abandoned strip of land just to the east of the Kerbal Space center. It has a short runway which can make it challenging to land on, aside with the fact that some of the land around the runway is raised to the same level which gives some space if the plane doesn't land exactly on the runway strip. In one of the hangers are some very old parts from pre-0.18 with an over-sized Mk1 capsule. It is possible to launch aircraft from here with Making History.

Inland Kerbal Space Center

The VAB and the Launch Pad shown.

The Inland Kerbal Space Center, (also known as KSC2, officially Baikerbanur) is the second space center that represents the pre-0.20 KSC buildings, although it was created in 0.14.2. It is very far from the Kerbal Space Center, and can only be reached by airplanes with a lot of fuel and/or efficient engines. It can also be reached by rockets. There is speculation that the old SPH is underneath the ground but there isn't any proof of this.

Woomerang Launch Site

The Launch Pad and its water tower.

The Woomerang Launch Site is a relatively austere launch site located in Kerbin's northern hemisphere, added in Making History 1.0. Contains a launch pad in a somewhat different style from that at KSC and a water tower. The site is called Larkes in CommNet.

Dessert Launch Complex

The launch site and runway shown.

Treated ingame as two separate sites, the Dessert Launch Complex features both a launch pad and runway, located within the "western desert" region. The name is a pun developed by snack obsessed Kerbals.


These sites (part of the commnet) consist solely of a large dish on a tracking mount. They also technically count as anomalies, so can be found by probes in some cases.

Name Latitude Longitude
Baikerbanour 20° 40' 45" N 146° 30' 04" W
Crater Rim 09° 27' 00" N 172° 06' 37" W
Nye Island 05° 21' 49" N 108° 32' 53" E
Harvester Massif 11° 57' 00" S 33° 44' 25' E
North Station 63° 05' 42" N 90° 04' 47" W
Mesa South 59° 35' 23" S 25° 51' 42" W