Dessert Launch Site

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Dessert Launch Site
Dessert Launch Site
Location TinyKerbin.png Kerbin
KerbinBiomeMap.png Deserts
6° 33′ 37″ S
143° 57′ 0″ W
Altitude 824 m
Since version 1.4.3

The Dessert Launch Site is a new site added in version 1.2 of the Making History expansion, and arguably the 5th spaceport on Kerbin. It is situated at a modestly southern (-6 degrees latitude) plain, to provide additional variety and challenge for missions. The Dessert Airfield is directly adjacent.


The site is substantially better equipped than Woomerang, containing both a launch pad, and an airfield with a roughly 1.75 km long runway. Support buildings (eg: hangers, mini fuel tanks, water towers) are nearby. The pad and airfield count as additional biomes, separate from all previous ones. A relay station seems to be on the pad if one launches from there, but the KerbNet connection from the runway goes to Baikerbanur, some 248 km away.

Launching from Dessert

You can only launch from Dessert if you enable Allow other Launchsites in the Difficulty Settings. When enabled you can launch a rocket from the VAB via the dropdown menu under the Launch button. When you hover over it, a menu appears with available launch sites. Select the arrow next to Dessert Launch Site to launch from there.

Dropdown launch button
Launch button
How to select a launch site


Dessert is likely a pun on the similarity of the word with desert, and a reference to those delicious snacks that Kerbals sometimes crave. The first liquid propelled rocket, the Goddard 1, can be seen between the launchpad and runway.