Campaign: Kerbol 2: The Kerbols

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Kerbal laden ships fly across the solar system, Kerbal kind has visited almost every celestial body, however every time a kerbal looks at the sun he is looking at the least explored part of the solar system. Although the Kepler and Kerbol missions gave Kerbal scientists great data. The distance from the sun of the Kepler missions, and the time lag and final doom of the Kerbol Probes has lead to more detailed exploration. Now Researchers want to establish a Permanent Base Around Moho to reduce time lag to probes, and A Close Manned flyby to get rid of it all together.


  • Length: 4-6 hours
  • Difficulty: 8-10 (expert)
  • Skills
  1. Expert Navigation via Maneuvering Nodes
  2. Advanced Orbiting
  3. Expert Vessel Design
  4. intermediate understanding of interplanetary launch windows (phase angles)
  • Version: Every Version (only tested on .22)


Kerbol IV

  • Build an Unmanned probe
  • Probe must contain
  1. Solar Panels
  2. Nuclear generators
  3. All scientific instruments
  4. 1 Communitron 88-88
  5. 2 dish communicators
  6. Radiators
  7. Heat shielding covering one side
  8. Surface scanners
  • Probe must establish a solar orbit at about 50000 km ±10 km
  • Point heat shield at sun

Kepler II

Only perform this mission if you do not have engines on Kepler I If you do have engines left, use them to move Kepler I into Solar orbit as directed below

  • Construct a manned ship
  • Ship must contain
  1. Solar panels
  2. All Scientific instruments
  3. A dish communicator
  4. Radiators
  5. Surface scanners
  6. 3 Kerbal capacity
  • Ship must Launch from KSC Ship and attain orbit of Moho
  • Ship must then rendezvous with Kepler I
  • Ship must Move Kepler I to Solar Orbit at 8000000 Km ±10 km
  • Ship must return Kerbals safely to Kerbin

(Unmanned testing is recommended)

Kepler III

  • Construct a station In Orbit of Moho
  • Station must include
  1. Solar power and nuclear power
  2. Capacity for 30 kerbals
  3. A science bay
  4. All scientific instruments
  5. Radiators
  6. Docking ports
  7. A science bay
  • Station must be in a Polar Sun Synchronous Orbit (appear over the same ground at noon daily, 89.8(6)° inclination).

Kerbol V

  • Construct a Manned Ship capable of carrying one Kerbal into very low Kerbol Flyby
  • Ship must contain
  1. Nuclear Power (no solar panels)
  2. Heat shielding on one side
  3. Radiators
  4. A protected EVA zone where Kerbal can perform close in EVAs to inspect equipment
  5. Surface scanner
  6. All scientific instrumentation
  • Ship must first travel to Moho and rendezvous with Kepler III (ship may Refuel here too)
          (Note: I do understand how mean this is, I had to test it)
  • Ship must then flyby the sun less than 5000 km away.

(I challenge players to try to get closer)

  • Kerbal must perform EVA at Perihelion
  • Kerbal must return home safely.