Campaign: The Colony

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Kerbol 2: The Kerbols Campaigns Where No Kerbal Has Gone Before


After sending Kerbals on long-duration missions to various celestial bodies in the Kerbol system, they saw no reason why the spacecraft would ever need to return, and even realised that doing so would be beneficial for the survival of the Kerbal race. Kerbin Command decided to colonise the moons of Jool, as they offer a sizeable distance from Kerbol in case it exploded for reasons yet unknown, and they've put you in charge, so don't screw up like the common kerbal!


  • Length: >20 hours
  • Difficulty: 9/10 (Elite)
  • Skills needed:
  1. Expert interplanetary travel (orbiting, intercepts, etc)
  2. Advanced docking
  3. Advanced base construction
  4. Advanced landing
  5. Expert vehicle design
  6. Elite patience
  7. Ability to complete "all" previous campaigns
  • For version: Every version post-0.15

Preparation missions

Jool Scanning

Objective: Design an unmanned satellite equipped with scientific gear

The satellite should have:

  1. 1000 Electrical capacity
  2. Energy generation abilities (solar panels)
  3. GRAVMAX Negative Gravioli Detector
  4. Sensor Array Computing Nose Cone
  5. SC-9001 Science Jr
  6. Mystery Goo Containment Unit
  7. Comms DTS-M1
  • You must launch the satellite into a relatively circular orbit around Jool, with the altitude between 200 – 250 km above Jool, with no more than a 5 km drift between the apoapsis & Periapsis (see terminology).
  • Once in orbit, you must conduct experiments with all components & send it to Kerbin command.

Outcome: Kerbin command can identify various data about Jool, including gravity (& other) influence(s) on the moons, ensuring safe environments for any kerbonauts that may or may not live there.

Jool Station

Objective: Begin the formation of a manned space station orbiting Jool

The station should have (minimum):

  1. 1 central cockpit & 1 External seat
  2. 64 base kerbonaut capacity(with 32 extra per colony founded) excluding escape pod capacity
  3. 32 kerbals manning the satellite (with 16 extra per colony founded)
  4. 400 000 Electrical capacity (100 Z-4K Rechargeable Battery Bank's)
  5. A radio spire (large structure with communications array's at the end + scattered around structure)
  6. Lots & lots of lights
  7. 43 200 liquid fuel & 52, 800 oxidiser (15 Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank's)
  8. 18 750 monpropellant (25 FL-R1 RCS Fuel Tank's)
  9. 28 000 Xenon (40 PB-X150 Xenon Container's)
  10. All scientific equiptment (incl. Lab as of 0.23)
  11. 1350 Electricity/s (75 Gigantor XL Solar Array's)
  12. Docking Ports (You decide which) along 2 long, preferably wide, cyliner-modules
  13. Escape pods, one seat for every kerbal
  14. SAS
  15. RCS Thrusters
  • The station should orbit around 500 km above Jool in a relatively circular orbit, with no more than a 5 km drift between the apoapsis & periapsis
  • The docking ports along the cylinder module should be easily accessed as these will either hold the sub-station parts or the escape pods
  • No hatches should be obstructed by radial attached parts or other station modules, the kerbals will have to get out sometimes

Outcome: The program now has a central forward base, which has the supplies to respond to most emergenc(ies/y shortages) and is close enough to respond before all of the kerbals on-site die and the program completely fails.

The Lunar Stations

The Formation

Objective: Set up small space stations around each of Jool's moons

Each Station should have:

  1. 1 Central cockpit & min. 4 external seats
  2. 25 kerbals manning the station
  3. enough room for every kerbal on the station & the corresponding moon's colony + 25 extra seats
  4. 40 000 electrical capacity (10 Z-4K Rechargeable Battery Bank's)
  5. Transmitters
  6. 2 880 liquid fuel & 3520 oxidiser (1 Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank)
  7. 3 000 monopropellant (4 FL-R1 RCS Fuel Tank's)
  8. 7 000 xenon (10 PB-X150 Xenon Container's)
  9. All scientific equiptment available (lab not necessary as of 0.23)
  10. 180 electricity/s (10 Gigantor XL Solar Array's)
  11. Docking ports (must correspond to main space station's docking ports)
  12. 5 Transit pods, each with enough room for 10 kerbals
  13. Escape pods, one seat for every kerbal on the station + on the corresponding moon
  14. SAS
  15. RCS thrusters
  • The stations should circularly orbit about 100 km above the moons, with no more than a 2 km drift between the apoapsis & periapsis
  • All docking ports should be easily accessed as they will be used by escape pods, landers, or transit pods (pods taking kerbals between the main & sub stations)
  • No hatches should be blocked, as the kerbals will be stuck there if they hurt themselves or one accidentally sets themselves on fire, they will be stuck without first aid or with the one on fire

Outcome: There are now stations for kerbals in the camps to come to if they're short on supplies, if they're fleeing planetary destruction, or if they just need to get away from it all

Colonialist preparation

Objective: Prepare the station for the colonists

The following items are required for the colonists:

  1. 100 seats for the colonial kerbals, + 100 seats in the escape pods
  2. 14 400 liquid fuel + 17 600 oxidiser (10 Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank's)
  3. 1 500 monopropellant (2 FL-R1 RCS Fuel Tank's)
  4. 1 200 xenon (3 PB-X50R Xenon Container's)
  5. 20 000 electricity (5 Z-4K Rechargeable Battery Bank's)
  • All of this should be stored in landable module's that can touch down in the colony camps

Outcome: There are now resources that can touch down in the colonies to support the colonies & colonists

Camp Development

The Landers

Objective: Construct landers to arrive at the camp

The following are required of each Lander:

  1. Landing struts
  2. Lights
  3. SAS
  4. RCS thrusters

The following are required on each moon via an unspecified amount of landers:

  1. 100 Kerbals & room for them all & 25 more
  1. 120 000 Electrical capacity (30 Z-4K Rechargeable Battery Bank's)
  2. A radio spire (large structure with communications array's at the end + scattered around structure)
  3. 28 800 liquid fuel & 35200 oxidiser (10 Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank's)
  4. 3 750 monpropellant (5 FL-R1 RCS Fuel Tank's)
  5. 14 000 Xenon (20 PB-X150 Xenon Container's)
  6. All scientific equipment (incl. Lab as of 0.23)
  7. 2 700 Electricity/s (150 Gigantor XL Solar Array's)
  8. Docking Ports (Must correspond with station docking ports)
  9. Transit pods, one seat per 4 kerbals
  10. Emergency escape pods, one seat per kerbal

Outcome: There is enough equipment & resources to run the camps on the moons and enough backup gear to evacuate the colonists in the event of an asteroid hitting the moon

The Colonists

Objective: Fly the colonists to the stations

Fly the colonists to the space stations, they must arrive at the central station orbiting Jool and be collected by the transit pods of the sub stations and flown back to the sub stations.

  • The best plan for this is to create a medium sized craft in the vehicle assembly building & attach docking ports to them, then attach them all together in orbit around Kerbin, The Mun, or Duna. Note that this may take some planning, and one craft may need a lot of engines and be connected on the edge of the connected craft, or some ships may need a few engines and all be connected on a side of the connected craft etc. Whilst complicated, it will be much easier/take less time than flying multiple individual ships to the main station

Outcome: The colonists are now prepared & delivered to the sub stations, ready to arrive on the moons and start the colonies, the last step in 'the colony' project, but the first step in a new start for all kerbal kind

The First & Final step

Objective: Land on the moons with all landers & resources, including the colonists

This should be what the mission log looks like when you're finished:

  1. The colonists were all placed in landers, ready & eager to arrive on the moons and form base camp.
  2. The first colonist landed on the planet and placed a flag, the plaque reads 'The final small step for 'The Colony', one huge first step for kerbal kind', that Jebediah always was melodramatic.
  3. The landers & colonists are all on the moons (,there were some problems but it's all OK now). One can only imagine what this will lead to for all kerbals, the first scientific data is coming in now, I need to get back to analysing it, if I can work hard enough, I might be permitted to join a new project, nicknamed 'The Ark' for reasons unknown to me, only Wernher Von Kerman & Gene Kerman know the projects real name.

Outcome: The project was a success, all that is left to do now is study the moons to collect scientific data & send more kerbals & supplies/modules to the camps and stations

Final Word

After this, the stations & Resources you've positioned means that you're well on your way to starting the final campaign. Nicknamed 'The Ark', as mentioned above, its official codename is 'Where No Kerbal Has Gone Before'