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Everyone likes a challenge... Spam them here! When completed, add a comment stating that it is rational and explain how it can be done. Complete these on Sandbox unless stated differently. We had fun with many of these!

Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Impossible, Unknown

Top Picks

  • The Terrain is Lava - travel around KSC with a Kerbal without touching the ground…
  • Elongate - 1up Musk... Get a roadster to Duna...

SpeedTrips to Old Bases

  • Fly to the Old Runway in under a minute, using only jet engines. - Normal
  • Get over to Baikerbanur with a rocket. You have 15 minutes! - Hard

Clutch it's - these are epic!

  • Get together a 3-part rover and travel to the Monolith close to KSC! Good luck! Oh, the rover must be unmanned. - Hard
  • Can You create a safety system to survive a 5000 m/s Kerbin reentry? You bet! - Hard
  • Heard of basic tech? Career mode Start parts can be used to get into orbit and return safely... Tip: retroburning. :) - Hard

The "Orange Tank"

  • Get to Duna with an orange tank as Your only source of fuel! - Hard
  • Save an orange tank from exploding after being dropped from 300m, use only 1 part that weighs less than 1t - Unknown


  • Go faster than the orbital velocity in a Kerbin rover! - Impossible - Prove me wrong!
  • Head of the Keriana Trench? Get down to the deepest point of Kerbin. - Normal
  • Reach Mt. Keverest, the highest peak of Kerbin. - Easy


  • Destroy a vessel with all protective cheats enabled! - Hard
  • Fly a rocket and get into orbit in 3x normal gravity. - Hard
  • Survive the strongest possible object thrower! - Easy
  • The Negator... Create a negative mass part, create a negative mass ship, set all physics forces to the negatives, and survive the Apocalypse!
  • Trigger a Kraken!

Construction Master

  • Create a Cruise Missile, it must be able to destroy a powerful enemy, like a Ravenspear or Osprey... Must be unmanned. - Easy
  • Produce a rover that can travel at 50 m/s on the Mun! - Easy.
  • Make a VTOL. - Easy
  • RoveMate - create a plane/rover out of 7 parts. It must be able to fly through a tiny opening. Good luck! - Normal