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Fireworks are a feature primarily used for entertainment purposes. They were added to celebrate Kerbal Space Program's 10th anniversary.

Once launched, they will continuously produce a trail of particles until they explode, creating a large burst of particles. Both the trail and burst particles can be customised. Additionally, it is also possible to change the launch velocity and explosion delay.

Each launcher contains a limited number of fireworks; the Starshot-8 holds up to 8, while the Starshot-32 holds up to 32.

Fireworks do not require an atmosphere to work, but will not produce any sound unless one is present.

Firework launchers

Image Part Radial size Cost
Max. Temp.
Starshot-32 Small, Radial mounted 200 0.03 1 200 6 50 32
Starshot-8 Tiny, Radial mounted 15 0.00125 1 500 12 50 8

Customisation options


The following trail types are available:

  • Classic - Produces a straight line of particles.
  • Whirly - Similar to Classic, but with more movement in the particles, producing a 'whirl' effect.
  • Strobe - Similar to Whirly, except that the bright light produced by the actual firework flickers.
  • Bare - No trail will be produced, but the firework itself will still produce a light surrounding itself.

For each trail type, the start and end colours can be chosen. The colour of each particle is interpolated between the Start and End colours throughout its lifetime.


The following burst types are available:

  • Classic - Produces many smaller trails, spread out in all directions.
  • Blossom - Similar to Classic, but will create two sets of trails, one after the other, and with less spread.
  • Palm - Produces a small number of trails travelling upwards, with a large shimmering head.
  • Rings - Produces three sets of rings in a single randomly chosen plane. The inner ring is the largest and longest-lasting of the three.
  • Crossette - Similar to Palm, but after a bit each trail will explode in a similar manner to the original.
  • Willow - Similar to Classic, but larger and more concentrated.
  • Crackle - Produces a large number of small crackling particles, along with a crackling sound effect.
  • Palm Crackle - Starts off similarly to Palm and Crossette, but with the second explosion being similar to Crackle.
  • Kraken's Egg - Creates a large burst of lightning bolt-like particles, with an effect similar to Crackle at the end of each bolt.

Similar to the trail, the colours of the burst can be customised, with the exact colours depending on the type:

  • For all except Rings, the Star Tip and Star End colours can be chosen.
  • For Crossette, the Feathers colour can also be chosen.
  • For Crackle, Palm Crackle and Kraken's Egg, the Crackle colour can also be chosen.
  • For Rings, the Outer Ring, Inner Ring and Star Trail colours can be chosen.

Additionally, there are three additional properties which can be set:

  • Force - How much force the explosion will have. Higher values will cause the trails to be more spread out.
  • Duration - How long each trail lasts for.
  • Star Size - How 'thick' each trail is.


  • The Rings firework burst now explodes in a random plane, rather than simply in a vertical plane.
  • Added some randomness to the firework bursts to improve the look.
  • Initial release