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Official release
Released 8/3/2021
Steam Steam Community
1.12.1 1.12.3

Version 1.12.2 is a minor update that was released on August 3rd, 2021. An update for the Making History and Breaking Ground expansions were released alongside this minor release.

1.12.2 is the last feature update to 1.12, and the last feature update to Kerbal Space Program as a whole.

Even though we still may release a minor patch here and there when needed, with this patch we are officially completing the 1.12 update, as well as the sustained development of the original KSP, as we are now shifting gears towards the development of KSP2.




  • Set the default value of Override Safety Check to false, in both cheats.
  • Implement Steam folder for subscribed craft.
  • Add locking functionality to docking node rotations allowing autostruts to cross over docked nodes that are both locked.
  • Add the current game name to the directory browser Current game label.
  • Selecting the same target body in the maneuver tool dropdown forces the tool to recalculate.
  • Add a Loop mode of None-Restart to the KAL. This will play once and stop, if play is pressed once the sequence is complete it will restart and play once.
  • Remove unnecessary warning log messages from DirectoryController.
  • Ring type fireworks orientation is now randomized, not simply vertical pane.
  • Expose the kerbal end of ladder setting in the in-game settings.
  • Make parts able to surface attach to structural flags and include checks and balances for child part attachment and size/variant changing.
  • 'Disable Staging' PAW option in editor scene now affects all symmetry counterparts for decouplers.
  • Add some randomness to the firework bursts to improve the look.


  • Fix when discovering a new launch site the facility name was only displaying in English.
  • Fix the localization tags for ground deployable parts that are stock.
  • Added autoloc code to Cheat Menu for Set Orbit Override Safety Check.
  • Fix maneuver tool circularization UI string in French.
  • Add localization of timescale suffixes for alarm date time fields.
  • Add localization of maneuver alarm error messages.
  • Fix Steering Adjustment string in PAW in Russian.
  • Fix new game KSC welcome message in Japanese.
  • Make the repair all parts cheat button wide enough for all languages.
  • Craft browser search options 'subfolders' and 'all games' localized.
  • Picking up deployed parts without Breaking Ground expansion installed - strings now localized.
  • Localize cheat option 'Override safety check' in the Set Position menu.
  • Fix Craft Browser missing Enter text... localization.
  • Fix Craft Browser missing Cancel button localization.
  • Adjust text size of ActionGroups text to fit asian font characters.
  • Craft browser search text placeholder updated from 'Enter Search...' to 'Enter Text...'


  • Fix OX-10L solar panel break/repair functionality.
  • Add a variant to the Clamp-o-Tron Sr. Now you can turn on and off the yellow stripes.
  • Revamp LV-T30 Reliant and LVT-45 Swivel.
  • Add Pitch and Rotate to the Small Work Lamp.
  • Fix the MK 1-3 pod flag.
  • Changed display name of RCS tanks to better order and name them relative to each other, and similar to the FL-T series. FL-R10 , FL-R25 and FL-1 become FL-R20, FL-R120 and FL-R750 with the number indicating resource amount.


  • Fix Linux Scrollwheel direction.
  • Fix spacing on Current Game, Stock and Steam folders.
  • Fix ESA Mission not playing in base game when Breaking Ground DLC is not installed.
  • Fix the MK2 Clamp-O-Tron's control point orientation.
  • Fix Comet module subscribing to events multiple times.
  • Fix Craft and Part persistentIDs being duplicated when launching the vessel using a craft file.
  • Fix KAL losing part references when using craft files or when reverting to the VAB.
  • Fix KAL being unable to control another KALs playspeed and play position.
  • Fix KAL Presets not working for other KALs.
  • Fix issue not dropping held parts when exiting construction mode.
  • Fix compound parts losing their connections when edited in EVAConstruction mode with dropped parts.
  • Fix for certain parts getting blank icons when placed in inventories and changing variants.
  • Fix the ship engine volume setting not being applied in flight.
  • Fix handling of non-matching system timezones (EG Hong Kong).
  • Fix Craft names with special characters not saving correctly.
  • Fix Player-saved craft in Missions not showing thumbnail correctly.
  • Fix docking port errors when manipulating them in EVA construction mode.
  • Fix Root part visibility when hovering over it's PAW in the editor scene.
  • Fix vessel mass being incorrect when drilling has removed mass from attached asteroids.
  • Fix intercept trajectories in patched conics when in relative mode.
  • Fix Input lock getting stuck on when you open the action groups app.
  • Fix an NRE when staging a docking port when it's not connected to another part.
  • Fix SAS autopilot skill checking in sandbox and career games against kerbal experience and full SAS in sandbox game settings.
  • Non-surface placeable items can no longer be dropped or placed while intersecting other parts during EVA Construction mode.
  • Fix cargo container inventory duplicating on detaching and attaching the cargo part in EVA construction mode.
  • Fix missing stored parts in cargo containers after attaching/detaching/dropping cargo part.
  • Fix NRE occuring with Alarm Clock in Scenarios and Training games.
  • Fix NRE occuring with KerbalInventory in Scenarios and Training games.
  • Fix Maneuver Tool showing up in Scenarios and Training games.
  • Fix Cargo settings for SmallHardpoint and StructuralPylon - They were reversed.
  • Fix Mission Clock masking issue on warp to sunrise when CommNet is not enabled.
  • Fix NextAlarm UI in Mission Clock when CommNet is not enabled.
  • Fix Add Burn time setting being cutoff in the Alarm Clock details pane.
  • Fix maneuver alarm time not updating when its not the active vessel.
  • Fix some alarms firing immediately when initially created.
  • Fix maneuver alarms getting stuck if the maneuver is removed.
  • Fix Maneuver Tool error when initially loading flight scene.
  • Fix Maneuver Tool calculation when making first selection in flight scene.
  • Fix Maneuver Tool clearing the information text when it shouldn't.
  • Fix Maneuver Tool inclined Same SOI transfer calc being inconsistent.
  • Fix shaders on new slim suit.
  • Non-retractable parts will now still be able to be toggled in the editor, even after saving and reloading or switching editors.
  • Fix initial transfer window calcs shown in Maneuver Tool top window.
  • Fix NRE when attempting to use the middle mouse set position cheat. Force camera out of map view when using this option to avoid vessel exploding.
  • Fix Color Picker causing Crashes.
  • Fix Color Picker alignment in PAW.
  • Fix engine FX scaling issue.
  • Fix part being deleted when closing Construction Mode UI while the cursor is holding a part.
  • Fix the R&D's level 3 floor shading.
  • Fix landed and deployed vessels coming off rails positioning, particularly on slopes.
  • Fix NREs could fire when detaching first a compound part from a vessel and additional ones after it.
  • Fix audio issue happening when enabling infinite fuel cheat.
  • Fix the map view rotating with vessel orientation when mouse is over the alarm clock app.
  • Fix the actiongroup app locking the camera controls.
  • Fix the KerbalEVA incorrect collider name in boundsignorelist - EVAStorageSlim_flagDecals.
  • Fix BinkRate not being set properly in Deployable Light configs.
  • Fix parts dropped in EVA Construction do not play their deploy animation when a game is loaded and could get stuck.
  • Fix for wrong shortcut letter in KSPedia EVA Construction mode Slide.
  • Fix debris not becoming a controllable vessel when attaching controllable parts in EVA Construction.
  • Fix the camera being locked when the actiongroup app is open.
  • Fix the camera toggle being active when the actiongroup editing is active.
  • Fix Contract Map Nodes firing an NRE on mouse over.
  • Fix fairing staging options being inconsistent with symmetry setup when staging toggled.
  • Fix text overlaps in the Next Alarm UI element.
  • Fix Z fighting between deltav indicator for a stage and the Time warp UI element.
  • Fix NRE when date entry fields are empty in the alarm clock.
  • Fix Day field converting incorrectly when editing a manual time alarm.
  • Fix Alarm message not firing when no active vessel and set to display if not this vessel.
  • Fix Manual Alarm changing the linked vessel when editing an alarm.
  • Fix the blue maneuver directional arrow blurriness when texture quality set to eighth res.
  • Fix maneuver node dragging between patched conics, and refocuses camera as required.
  • Fix unable to drag maneuver nodes that are in the past. Can now drag them forward in time again until they are past the current game time.
  • Fix issue disabling hotkeys when cargo panel was open in the editor.
  • Fix grapple errors when disarming from same vessel grapple.
  • Fix grapple errors when lock PAW option is clicked when it shouldn't be available to the player.
  • Fix parts being able to attach in construction mode when colliding with ground.
  • Fix Easter Egg Launch sites ladders were unusable for EVA Kerbals.
  • Fix Manual Alarms always being linked to a vessel regardless of the chosen settings.
  • Fix the variant selector buttons ignoring locked variant options.
  • Fix RCS being left on when a Kerbal exist construction mode after welding when in space.
  • Fix picking up a strut or a fuel line and attaching it caused the endpoint to enable a collider, and moving around the target could cause undesired collisions in EVA Construction mode.
  • Fix the firework trail particles lasting for the entire duration of the explosion delay.
  • Fix rare CTD using the Maneuver Tool App.
  • Fix Manuever Tool App calculations when calculating transfer from future maneuver nodes (not current orbit).
  • Fix the save confirm dialog prompting for overriding saves when special characters in vessel name and saving while editing an existing craft.


  • Adjusted AppUIMember Initializers to ensure attributes get setup correctly in the right sequence.
  • Expose ModuleRCS.EPSILON which controls the minimum latch for thrust.
  • Expose ModuleSAS.targetSASServiceLevel so that modders can override the parts SASServiceLevel.
  • Expose UIApp.IsShowing so modders can see if an apps frame is showing.
  • Expose AlarmClockUIFrame.IsDetailsShowing for visibility of the details window.
  • Expose AppUIMemberDateTime.DateFormatter for date input fields in ManTool and AlarmClock.
  • Exposed the state of the nextalarm visibility in flight on FlightUIModeController Singleton. FlightUIModeController.Instance.NextAlarmShowing bool.
  • Fix DoubleCurve initialize and evaluate method.
  • Add attachRules to PartVariant so different variants can have their own attachRules setup.


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