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Part image
Firework launcher by
Reaction Systems Ltd

Radial size Radial mounted
Cost (total) 200.00 Funds
Mass (total) 0.03000 t
Drag  ?
Max. Temp. 1200 K
Volume 400 l
Impact Tolerance 6.0 m/s
Research Advanced rocketry.png Advanced Rocketry
Unlock cost 50 Funds
Since version 1.12
Part configuration fireworksLauncherBig.cfg
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The Starshot-32 is a firework launcher that added in the 1.12 update on June 24th, 2021. The firework launcher can launch up to 32 customizable fireworks. They can be launched anywhere but the firework effects only work in an atmosphere.

Product Description

Jebediah Kerman eats danger for breakfast, launch, and dinner at his day job as the KSC resident daredevil pilot. But what does he do when he wants to relax on the weekends? He fills firework canisters at his state of the art junkyard facility.

The Starshot-32 is a large firework launcher, if one goes off at the wrong time you may be looking for more than just a refund.

Reaction Systems Ltd


The Starshot-32 was meant to be used for celebratory purposes or for entertainment in the game, as such they weren't intended to provide any useful function. However right after the update players figured out how to use the firework launcher in many other ways such as for propulsion and as stock weapons. Like its smaller counterpart the Starshot-8 each firework's trail, burst type, burst delay, burst force, and ejection speed, are independently adjustable. Shells fired and shrapnel from the explosions are collideable objects, but are not parts and cannot be stored in inventory.


Firing firework shells results in some amount of recoil, which is varies with the speed at which shells are ejected. Shells exploding also exert some force on nearby objects[1] and produces physics-interactable shrapnel which can hit the source vessel, and these effects can be used for propulsion. This normally isn't a terribly efficient method of propulsion, but with the Breaking Ground expansion, both ejection force and explosion force can be 'overclocked' through the KAL-1000 Controller for more power and dV.


Since shells fired by Starshot launchers are collideable physics objects, they can be used as cannon shots for destroying parts and buildings. Explosion timing can also be tweaked to create an explosive round of sorts, and the also-collideable shrapnel may damage some parts.


  • Initial release


First Time in 1.12 - Kerbal Space Program

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  1. uncertain - citation needed