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Radius 80 KM
Rotation Period 5 hours
Atmospheric Density n/a
Surface Gravity 0.02 g
Semimajor Axis 13,680,255 km
Inclination n/a
Eccentricity n/a
These information are from a concept and the information about the object may change.

NOTICE: This planet probably never will be implemented in the game, as no comment has been made on the planet since NovaSilisko left Squad.

Harvest was an unimplemented planet located 60 degrees trailing Kerbin in the same orbit. It had a reddish-brown hue. It was designed by NovaSilisko.[1] It was rich in hilly terrain and had extensive canyons. It was never implemented due to bugs related to terrain glitches.


  • Harvest's terrain was later updated and used as base terrain for Tylo.

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  1. Post in the forum by NovaSilisko