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The Kerbal XX is a spaceship found in the "Station one" scenario. It orbits Duna. It is considered an easter egg. The spacecraft has a Mk1-2 Command Pod, crewed by Bartbus Kerman, Jerney Kerman, and Ribly Kerman. The spacecraft has 1 Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank that has more than half of its fuel depleted. The spacecraft has 1 LV-N Atomic Rocket Motor, 4 SP-L 1x6 Photovoltaic Panels, 4 Z-100 Rechargable Battery Packs, and 8 Stratus-V Roundified Monopropellant Tanks. It is similar in design to the upper stage of the Kerbal X stock craft.

Possible Missions

Landing on Duna

  • While being burdened by only having 1 parachute at your disposal, no landing gear, and a massive engine on the bottom of the craft, safely landing on Duna is not impossible. The included parachute will not slow the craft down enough to land, but a powered landing may be accomplished if the terrain is flat enough.

Returning to Kerbin

  • With 1 km/s of Delta-V remaining, it would be possible for the spacecraft to return to Kerbin or dock with Station One.

Going to Ike

  • The spacecraft has more than enough fuel to reach Ike, but due to the lack of an atmosphere, a powered descent (over flat terrain) would be necessary to land.