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Will strut help ?

No, more struts will increase the amount of interactions between components,and thus slow down the simulation. Tested by: big batter stack. with and without sturts. (Without struts: 33fps, with: 13fps)

Do lamps count ?

[Unconfirmed] They do, but they have less impact because they are connected to less things.

Are stable structures faster to simulate ?

[Unconfirmed] Suspected not to be, as KSP doesn't seem to solve to allow minimum error.

Is it multi-threaded ?

[Unconfirmed] No it uses a single core.

Can I enable GPU acceleration ?

[Unconfirmed] KSP has no GPU acceleration for physics. They might just be lacking the license and settings though. If it would be faster is under debate. Research suggests yes.

Are there any settings that can help ?

You can intcrease Max Physics Delta-Time per Frame in Settings > General. The default is [Unconfirmed]0.04 . However increasing it can result in physic weirdness.

What can I do ?
  • There is a "welding" mod, but this has several caveats named "UbioZur Welding Ltd"
  • If you have a choice between 4 batteries or 1 big one: go for the big one !
  • If you need to connect more then 1 fuel tank, consider downloading mods that have bigger parts.
What can mod developers do ?

[Unconfirmed] There might be a way to interact with the physics and perform some optimizations: see next FAQ.

What can the developers do ?

[Unconfirmed] There are ways to speed up the simulation, by considering multiple parts to be solid. For example: lamps could be ignored in certain situations (or all). But this could have weird effects like, but not limited to:

  • lamps do not detach under extreme G forces
  • lamps have no collision box active, causing them to clip trough everything
  • lamps can not be destroy by impact
  • lamps suddenly be stuck in a rock after the game decides to reactive the physics, after the lamp has collided already clipped into a rock
What do the developers have planned ?


Which physics engine does KSP use ?

[Unconfirmed] Unity3d which in term uses PhysX

How does KSP work ?