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Squad's logo.
Squad's logo used on this Wiki.

Squad is the indie development team of Kerbal Space Program. It consists of about 15 people, but the actual number has not yet been confirmed. Currently KSP is their only game, however they have also created the Kerbalizer.


  • Nestor Gomez
  • Alejandro Trejo
  • Mariana Arguello
  • David Treggoning
  • Jaimie Leighton
  • Juan Manuel Ramos
  • Felipe Perugachi
  • Rodrigo Fernandez
  • David Bjorn
  • Marc Gale
  • Rafa Hernández
  • Jamie Leighton
  • Marco Salcedo
  • Manuel Tejada
  • Alexander Martin
  • Bob Palmer
  • Pablo Ollervides
  • Daniele Peloggio
  • Rafael González
  • Brenda

This list has to be verified.[1]

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  1. KSP About page (not everyone is included)