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Example Kerbal

The Kerbalizer is a utility available on the official Kerbal Space Program website and the App Store. It allows the user to design and outfit a Kerbal. These Kerbals cannot be used in or transferred to the game, so they are for graphical and entertainment purposes only. It is, however, possible to save an image of the Kerbal, but only in the web version, because the iOS version is buggy.

Pricing and Details

The free version allows users to create a custom Kerbal, dress it, change its hairstyles, change facial details, and give the Kerbal accessories. Later, the users can share their creation, or download it.[1]

The paid and App Store versions (both $2.00 USD) include all of the features of the free version, but users can also change colors of clothing and hair, animate Kerbals to put them into any position, use different backgrounds, and add more different things.

The web player uses Unity Web Player, which won't work with modern browsers, and the site has since been deleted.