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This template can be used to create navigation breadcrumbs, inspired by those at WikiProject Accessibility.

It should not be used in article space.


#/Name Optional Description Default
rootimg Yes The filename of an image to use for the topmost "root" element. (Home breadcrumb.png)
rootlink Yes Where the above image should link to. Main Page
roottext Yes Text for an optional first "root" link. Not set
1-6 Yes Links to use as breadcrumbs (currently supports up to 6 number) Not Set


{{Breadcrumb2|[[Parts]] |[[Engine]]s |[[Liquid fuel engine]]s |[[RE-M3 "Mainsail" Liquid Engine]] }}

Home breadcrumb.png >Parts >Engines >Liquid fuel engines >RE-M3 "Mainsail" Liquid Engine

{{Breadcrumb2|rootimg=Help-browser.png |rootlink=Help:Contents |[[Help:Contents/Getting started|Getting started]] |[[Help:Navigation|Navigation]] }}

Help-browser.png >Getting started >Navigation

{{Breadcrumb2|rootimg=Help-magnify.png |rootlink=Help:Contents |roottext=Help |[[Help:Contents/Getting started|Getting started]] |[[Help:Navigation|Navigation]] }}

Help-magnify.png Help >Getting started >Navigation

{{Breadcrumb2|param1 |param2 |param3 |param4 |param5 |param6 }}

Home breadcrumb.png >param1 >param2 >param3 >param4 >param5 >param6

{{Breadcrumb2|param1 | |param3 | |param5 }}

Home breadcrumb.png >param1 >param3 >param5

See also

  • {{Breadcrumb}} - similar template with a different appearance, more like MediaWiki's subpage links