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Image needed.svg
Occupation: Kerbonaut
Specialisation Pilot
KSC ID#: Unknown
Badass Yes

An infobox for kerbonauts. If it is about a Kerbal use {{Infobox/Kerbal}} instead.

# Optional Description Default
name Yes The name of the kerbal, including nicknames. The name of the article
file Yes An image of the kerbal. File:Image needed.svg
hovertext Yes The image's hovertext and subtitle. Not set
special No The specialisation of this kerbonaut. Must be either p (pilot), s (scientist) or e (engineer).
extra occupations Yes Extra occupation besides Kerbonaut, like Manufacturer Not set
id Yes Identification number (from promo vid "Selection Process") Unknown
brave No The courage of the kerbal with value between 0 and 1.
dumb No The stupidity of the kerbal with value between 0 and 1.
badass No Set to yes if the badass flag is set.