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Image needed.svg
Occupation: {{{occupation}}}

Shows an infobox for any kerbal. For kerbonauts use {{Infobox/Kerbonaut}} instead.

The {{{occupation}}} should always be in the native language (so usually English). To translate it, use instead the {{{occupation trans}}} parameter.

Name Optional Description
name ✓ Yes The name of the kerbal, including nicknames. Default: The name of the article.
file ✓ Yes An image of the kerbal. Default: File:Image needed.svg
hovertext ✓ Yes The image's hovertext and subtitle. Default: Not set
occupation × No The kerbal's role or occupation.
occupation trans ✓ Yes The kerbal's role or occupation translated. Default: Not set
lines ✓ Yes Additional lines below the occupation. Default: Not set/Hidden