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The GUI to manage the crew in the VAB or SPH

Crew is one of the three editing modes available in either the VAB or the SPH. Selecting the Crew icon at the top of the screen replaces the top left menu items from either the Parts or Action group menus with the Crew interface.

The interface is divided into two panes: Parts with crew capacity and Available crew.

Parts with crew capacity

The parts with crew capacity pane will display each part with crew seating individually, such as command pods, habitation modules and lander cans, automatically adding crew to fill the first compartment on the list. Additional seats are initially empty. The available menu options are:

  • Fill - Fills all remaining seats from the available crew pane. If there are more seats than crew, those seats remain empty.
  • Clear - Removes all crew and places them in the Available crew pane.
  • Reset - undoes any changes, and repopulates the initial crew compartment.

Available crew

The available crew pane simply shows the list of possible crew members available for a mission, by name and showing their Courage and Stupidity. There is only the Go to Astronaut Complex menu available. It takes the user to the Astronaut Complex interface. Exiting the Astronaut Complex returns to the Crew menu.

Users can add crew to the vehicle from the available crew pane by hovering the mouse over the crew member and clicking the green check mark that appears. The crew member moves to the next available seat. To move the crew member to another seat, click and drag the crew member to any of the other empty seats. To remove a crew member from the vehicle, hover over the crew member and click the red X that appears, returning the crew member to the available crew pane. Clicking an empty seat has no action.

Crew transfer

The window to initiate a crew transfer

Naturally, it is also possible to change the crew configuration during the missions. The first possibility is taking an EVA by clicking on the EVA button on the portrait of the given kerbonaut on the bottom right corner of the screen. The second option is clicking (normal left-clicking!) on the hatch of the cabin contains the given kerbonaut. A small window will pop-up (see right), and lists the name of the contained kerbonauts, and gives two options EVA and Transfer. The first puts the kerbonaut to EVA, but in case of transfer option, we can click on an another cabin with free seat in the same craft or a docked together group or leave the action pushing the Esc button. It is also possible to select the crewed part and use the Transfer Crew option.