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The career statistics with the reputation in the center

Reputation is a measure of The Center's fame and image, influenced by its success and failures, in contracts, in record breaking, and in its general operations. Reputation can be seen as a "currency" not unlike funds and science, and is mainly spent on instating Strategies in the Administration Facility.

Passively, a high reputation does three things:

  1. it increases the difficulty of contracts with typically better rewards
  2. it will grant better rewards for all contracts across the board
  3. it gives Mission Control more contract slots.

As such, spending or saving reputation is a strategic decision, that has The Center choosing between specialization of rewards (by having an active Administration), or a more balanced set of rewards with more options (by having a stronger Mission Control)

The upper limit of reputation is 1000. The points actually obtained for a contract decrease exponentially as the level gets nearer to the limit so a player will never reach it.

The graphical gauge makes knowing the exact current amount of reputation difficult, but it is possible to see the actual number by recovering any vessel and checking the Crew tab in the resulting Mission Summary dialog box, where it appears at the bottom.


  • Reputation is no longer awarded for safely recovering Kerbals.
  • Initial release