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TT18-A Launch Stability Enhancer

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TT18-A Launch Stability Enhancer
Part image
Launch clamp by
O.M.B. Demolition Enterprises
Cost (total) 200.00 Fund
Mass (total) 0.10 t
Drag 0.2
Max. Temp. 2000 K
Impact Tolerance 100 m/s
Research General construction.png General Construction
Unlock cost 1800 Fund
Since version 0.16.0
Part configuration launchClamp1
Breaking force 150
Breaking torque 150
Electricity generated 1.0 ⚡/s
On the surface × No
On the ocean × No
In atmosphere × No
In space × No
Test by staging ✓ Yes
Manually testable × No
Extends × No

The TT18-A Launch Stability Enhancer is a stability clamp system designed to hold the ship at the launch pad before lift-off.

As of version 0.19.1 the staging sequence lists the TT18-A as a strut item and not a decoupler. Given the reduced number of parts shown in the staging display post 0.18, this may be a feature.


The launch clamps prevent unbalanced craft from falling over, and heavy designs from crushing themselves (or the launch pad) when they first load.

When using the TT18-A, keep in mind that it must be decoupled to allow lift off. When the rocket is very powerful, engaging the engines without decoupling may lead to a catastrophic failure as it tears the structure apart. A simple solution is to release them in the same stage with the main engines, this way they will release the moment the engines engage, resulting in a satisfying “clunk” sound as the ascent begins, and a hopefully intact craft. Some smaller rockets, like the Kerbal X, can safely have the engines in a stage before the TT18-A as they do not have enough thrust to tear themselves apart. It is always a good idea to activate SAS before launch, as the TT18 decoupler may occasionally push a rocket sideways and off the vertical axis.

Jet powered first stages, as they need to spin up, should be decoupled as soon as they are running at full throttle. If other rocket engines on that stage are used as well, the staging should:

  1. Start the jet engines,
  2. Decouple the stability enhancers and start the rocket engines.

If there are TT18-As left from the previous launches they will be removed prior to placing a new craft there. While in previous versions[specify] it was needed to be confirmed, this is not required anymore.

The TT18-A will provide Electric charge to the craft to which it is attached, allowing craft containing probe bodies or other parts that drain electric charge to be left on the Launchpad indefinitely without running out of power.

Product description

The TT18-A Stability Enhancer uses ground-breaking fastening technology to significantly increase the stability of spacecraft during the pre-launch phase. While OMB Demolition has been criticized in the past for using "big fancy words for a rocket holder" in their description of their device, none can say the TT18 series doesn't deliver rock-solid clamping action, as advertised. The owner's manual strongly suggests these devices be placed on the bottommost section of the spacecraft, and activated as soon as the engines are lit, for optimal de-clamping performance.


  • Each launch clamp now supplies one unit of electricity per second to the craft it is attached to.
  • Initial release.
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