Probodobodyne Experiment Control Station

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Probodobodyne Experiment Control Station
Part image
Environmental sensor by
Probodobodyne Inc
Cost (total) 800.00 Funds
Mass (total) 0.05 t
Drag 0.1
Max. Temp. 1200 K
Volume  ?
Impact Tolerance 10 m/s
Research Space exploration.png Space Exploration
Unlock cost 3 000 Funds
Since version 1.7.1
Part configuration centralStation.cfg
Power required 1 unit

The Probodobodyne Experiment Control Station is the main station needed for managing deployed science modules.

Product description

The Probodobodyne Experiment Control Station coordinates and controls both power and data from nearby deployed parts, and coordinates sending it back to Kerbin.

Be sure to use one, if you want to generate any useful data.

Can be left to gather data over long periods of time, as the loneliness circuits were disabled during testing. Needs a deployed power unit to operate.

Probodobodyne Inc


Anyone can deploy it without bonus, it requires 1 unit of power provided by either the Mini NUK generator or the Deployable solar panel.

The control station features a direct 500k class combinable antenna (the same range as the Communotron 16) to transmit the collected science to Kerbin, so either bring a probe core with a relay capable antenna or the Communotron HG-48 deployable antenna (a 10G class antenna). Note that even with a level 1 tracking station, science can be received from Mun without boosting the signal.


  • Initial Release