Campaign: Danger in the Neighborhood

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Duna or Bust Campaigns Age of Expansion
Asteroids plague the Kerbol system. Some of them are a threat, others are not, all are interesting. Asteroids are a nice step between the Kerbin system and Duna. Exploring them could explain life or other scientific questions, such as the formation of planets and the destruction of planets.


  • Length: 2-6 hours
  • Difficulty: 6/10 (Advanced)
  • Skills needed: Advanced orbital mechanics and rendezvous
  • For version: Every version (not yet tested)


  1. Find an asteroid at least a size C that will strike Kerbin. Redirect it with a manned vessel and return to Kerbin.
  2. Find an asteroid that will travel close to Kerbin. Redirect it to a stable orbit around the Mun with an unmanned vessel.
  3. Launch a manned spacecraft to dock with the unmanned asteroid probe around the Mun. Explore the asteroid.
  4. Find an asteroid (recommended a size A or B) that will travel close to Kerbin. Redirect it to an orbit with an apoapsis within that of Mun. Then lower Periapsis to aerobrake in Kerbin atmosphere and land with parachutes on Kerbin's surface. Land a Mobile Processing Lab MPL-LG-2 within 1km of the landing site.