Campaign: Where No Kerbal Has Gone Before

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The Colony Campaigns Project JOOL

The Kerbol system had been thoroughly explored. Manned missions to every planet and their moons had been accomplished. Satellites networks were spread out through space. Colonies had been set up off of Kerbin. Every rock had been mapped and researched. While there was still much more that could be done, none of it was quite as exciting as it used to be. So scientists at the Kerbal Space Center came up with a new plan, one that would dwarf all other accomplishments so far. Not many Kerbals knew about it as it was being planned out, as it was top secret, only Wernher Von Kerman & Gene Kerman knew about it, but Gene is such a blabber mouth... The only name most kerbals knew was The Ark (though Gene wanted to call it the KSS Enterprise).


  • Length: 10-25 hours (mostly launching and docking)
  • Difficulty: 10/10 (Scott Manley)
  • Skills Needed:
  1. Expert docking
  2. Expert vessel design
  3. Ability to complete The Daring Few
  4. Knowledge of Star Trek terminology if you're feeling passive-aggressive
  • For version: Every version (being tested on 0.23)
  • NOTE: It is highly advised that you install a mod adding more star systems so you'll actually have a destination to go to. Either that, or wait for Kerbal Space Program 2 to come out.


Ark Core

  • Design an unmanned vessel that will form the core of The Ark
  1. Main core structure must be a large fuel tank(s)
  2. Core must contain a minimum of 43 200 liquid fuel & 52, 800 oxidizer (the equivalent of 15 Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tanks)
  3. Core must have at least 20,000 electrical capacity
  4. Core must have at least 10 Gigantor Xl Solar Array solar panels
  5. Core must have 4 large docking ports that can safely dock large vessels
  6. Core must have at the absolute minimum 15 atomic rocket engines
  7. Core must have at least 30 lights

(Creating the core of The Ark can be challenging. You will most likely need to dock several ships together to complete it. Keep in mind that the whole thing needs to be completely structurally sound, as it is the core.)

Ark Life Support Modules

  • Design and launch four large modules that will contain whatever life support stuff that the Kerbals will need
  1. Module must have at least 2,000 fuel
  2. Module must contain 1 Hitchhiker Storage Container (must be completely unmanned)
  3. Module must have 16,000 electrical capacity
  4. Module must have 2 Gigantor XL Solar Array solar panels
  5. Module must have at 8 lights
  6. Modules must be successfully docked to the four docking ports on the core (four modules needed)

Ark Command Module

  • Design a large command module
  1. Must have large computing power (20 lrge probe cores)
  2. Must have 20 kerbal capacity and at least one kupola module
  3. Must have its own engines and be detachable
  4. Must have a lot of reaction wheels (20?)
  5. Must be able to survive both atmospheric and non atmospheric emergency landing

Ark Engine Module

  • Design a large efficent yet powerful main engine
  1. Must be able to push the assembled ark with a reasonable acceleration(5 m/s squared?)
  2. Must use LV-N's (kinda obvious)
  3. Must be able to provide 30k delta-V (correct me if thats too much)

Ark DNA storage/science storage

  • As the name says the Ark should be capable of re-creating kerbin somewhere else
  • Design a module that will house samples of all kerbins flora and fauna
  1. Must have at least 8 big lab modules
  2. Must have 10 of each science device
  3. Must have 40 lab jr containers
  4. Must have 10 large antennas

Ark deployment shuttle

  • Design a large multi-purpose lander to ship resources/samples/kerbals from the orbital ark to the planet surface
  • At least 2 of those ships are required
  1. Must be capable of atmospheric/non atmospheric landing
  2. Must have 20 kerbal capacity
  3. Must have 5 lab jr containers
  4. Must be capable of landing on any planet (exept eve) and ascending back to the orbiting ark

Ark hibernation modules

  • Design a set of modules used to store kerbals for long periods of time]
  1. Must have overall 150 kerbal capacity