Campaign: The Daring Few

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The Spacers Campaigns The Center of the Solar System

Since the Kerbol system had been almost completely explored, scientist were looking for a trip to the stars. In preparation for a trip of over 100 kerbals out of the solar system, scientist at Kerbal Space Center ordered some Extra-Kerbol research.


  • Length: 3-6 hours
  • Difficulty: 8/10 (Expert)
  • Skills Needed:
  1. Expert navigation via maneuver node
  2. Advanced orbiting
  3. Intermediate understanding of interplanetary launch windows (phase angles)
  4. Advanced vessel design
  5. Ability to complete Kerbol System Exploration
  6. Ability to complete Joolileo
  • For Version: Every Version (Being tested in .23)


Extra-Kerbol Drone I

  • Launch a drone on a Kerbol escape trajectory
  1. Must have two nuclear generators
  2. At least one radio dish
  3. Must reach an altitude from Kerbol >Eeloo's

Extra-Kerbol Drone II

  • Launch a drone on Kerbol escape trajectory and take scientific measurements of the space past Eeloo.
  1. Must have everything Extra-Kerbol Drone I had
  2. Include thermometer and Gravioli detector

Extra Kerbol Drone III

  • Launch a Drone on an Extra Kerbol Trajectory
  1. Must have everything Drone I had
  2. Must have a capsule for kerbal(s) but do not put kerbals in it for the flight

Extra Kerbal Drone IV

  • Launch a drone on a Kerbol escape trajectory then return it home
  1. Must have everything that Drone III had
  2. Capsule must safely return to Kerbin

Extra-Kerbol Ship I

  • Launch a ship to carry a kerbal on a Kerbol escape trajectory then return the kerbal home
  1. Must safely return all kerbals
  2. Must do one EVA report about space beyond Eeloo.